Be emptied! Be filled!

Heal me, Lord

When pain fills up one’s life
Joy and peace come oh so rare
Pain has to go, forgiveness be given
Joy then comes in abundance
Peace so deep and true

There’s wisdom to be learned
From wounds and bruises and pains
There’s  a treasure, hidden, buried
Beneath the layers of sorrow

Jesus said, “Be healed!”
Looking into his eyes
Clutching his hand outstretched
I can’t help but believe and trust

The wounds are healed gently
The pains melt slowly
The heart is emptied
Now there’s a space to be filled

Peace and joy rush in
Peace that the world cannot give
Joy that no one could ever take away
Love that heals and transforms

My cup overflows, my heart rejoices
God has turned my sorrow into joy
Emptying my heart from pain
Filling it up with peace and joy

Come, taste and see the goodness
The Lord has wrought in my life!

Sr M Gladys Manuel fdz

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