For where two or three gather in my name

Our aspirants, postulants and novices had their annual gathering in October last year and it was my first time to attend such a gathering.  I really had fun with them. The most enjoyable time for me was during the activity where they had to write three positive qualities in their companions’ notebooks. There were 29 attendees and so each had to write to all the other participants. Then each one read what was written and they were all laughing because it was their first time to know that they were beautiful, cute, pretty and so on… One of them got confused when two of her companions wrote opposing qualities: silent and talkative, she could not tell which was true. Another said: “I will put this under my pillow”. For sure that night all of them had smiles on their faces while sleeping.

Today and in the next few articles, we will share their reflections of this wonderful, spirit-filled time at Laoag in the Philippines.  Please feel welcome to share your good thoughts and prayers for them.

Sr M Ursula fdz

God has given me the grace and blessing to express my deepest thanks to all the Sisters and companions for their kindness and goodness to me. I am grateful for the gathering.  It gave me the opportunity to listen to Fr Victor rcj’s lecture – I was really challenged when he reminded me of self-sacrifice, penance and self offering to God. I was also touched during our gardening activity where I felt the unity and cooperation amongst us.  Thank you Lord for these experiences and may the love of Christ of Rogate inspire us and be with us always.

Aspirant Yanchi


We had our gathering in Navotas with the novices, postulants and aspirants from Manila in the Philippines. It was my first time to attend such a gathering. Our facilitator deepened with us the theme “Call to Discipleship”.  He said, “If you want to follow Christ you must be ready to participate in the community rules, work, and prayer with the right intention even if for now you cannot fully understand”. Though it’s very hard to do, we have to follow and God will give us the grace we need.


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