The beauty of being different

The togetherness that I felt and experienced during the three days of a gathering with my co-formands brought me to a deeper understanding about relationships. Yes, it is all about sharing, about giving and receiving, and it is about practising and accepting the differences. The discovery of so many insights, knowledge as well as weaknesses and limitations within me helped me learn what it means “to fill up of what is lacking in the other, what I have I can give, and what I don’t have I can receive from others.”

Listening to the different stories of my companions’ lives and experiences, strengthens, empowers and supports me in facing the reality of the life and vocation that I am now embracing.  It assures me that I am not alone.  I am not the only one who is journeying with the many challenges this life presents.  Here, I find the beauty and the joy of being different that brings me to the realisation that each person is unique in personality and character, gifts and talents as well as with the struggles and the ways on how to cope with these.

I am happy and grateful to God for the opportunity that He has given to me and, what I like the most,  is that through the gathering I found that there is trust and openness amongst us.

I would like to thank our Mother Delegate, Mother Elna and all the formators for giving their best in helping us and caring for our growth.

Thank you very much!

Novice Fransiska Erna Arnodina

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