Bringing me closer to God

Sr Gladys with the Aspirants during their retreat in preparation for their acceptance into the Postulancy.

Going to the retreat house of the SSS sisters, I started to become quieter. The ambience of the place was very serene so that even footsteps could be heard. I soon experienced peace within myself, being away from the daily life. These were the days wherein I became more aware of God’s presence, His love and fidelity. There were a lot of distractions on my mind but I strove to fight these and focus on God.

The quiet place, the flowers, the trees, the singing birds, the plants, the wind and the insects brought me closer to God, for through them I felt His loving presence, His steadfast love for me. God is wonderful for He speaks to me through them. Our retreat facilitator, Fr Angelo Silerio sj said that God can be found everywhere, just remember His goodness and you can feel Him.

Those days were great for me for they really brought me closer to God.

Aspirant Ronabel

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