Ordinary yet special

I saw many varieties of flowers in the convent of the SSS sisters. They are the common ones, some are even the plain and ordinary ones. But I saw their beauty. There are plants that have big leaves but the flowers are small and delicate. There are others that have bigger flowers than the leaves. Others are creeping on the ground yet have beautiful flowers. They are so beautiful, small, delicate and ordinary, yet in their ordinariness they have become special. If we look at them intently, we can see their beauty and how specially created they are. Then we will realize that they are not ordinary.   They have their own unique and special beauty.

What makes them actually look so beautiful and special is the way we look at them. We see their beauty because we see them through the eyes of love, of appreciative eyes.

When we fail to see the beauty of the flower or the plants, we then end up ignoring it or uprooting it and throwing it away. We think they are ugly, common, useless.

The same goes for people. We look at ourselves as someone who has no beauty outside and inside. But if we try to see our own beauty, we can see that we are also beautiful, that we are special. We also see others with the beauty that they have if we see beyond their ordinariness.

Ordinary and common as they are, people become special in our eyes because we see their specialness, their uniqueness.  No one is plain, useless, ordinary and unattractive in the eyes of God. He loves us  and sees us as His special creation.

We can also be beautiful in our eyes if we love ourselves and see our unique beauty. And so the others, if we see them with love, they are beautiful in our eyes.

God is wonderful and so are we because God created us wonderful, beautiful, unique and special – just as He has created the plants and the flowers.

Aspirant Gayzel

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