And holy is His name

Praise and thanksgiving to God for the gift of vocation He has given to me. The journey that I have been through is the journey full of hope and love. Looking back at it, I cannot imagine how God worked His wonders in every single experience that I had, wherein the seed of my vocation was implanted, nourished and continues to grow. During the initial formation, there were a lot of experiences that I encountered. Joy and sadness, pain and consolation, difficulty and comfort, trials, discouragement and losing my dear mother. But all of these are part of my journey. They are my treasures to make me strong and firm in my Faith in God who always walks with me.

At last, the most awaited time had come. The “YES” which I made before has stood firm and I am convinced that God calls has called me for this kind of life. However, my “YES” was not enough without a commitment. I desired to consecrate my whole being and life to God as a religious in the institute of the Daughters of Divine Zeal.

On 08 December 2011, Yulita and I had our first Religious Profession at Divine Mercy parish, Laoag City in the Philippines. My heart was singing with joy and gratitude to all of my formators,and for all the sisters who supported us with their prayers.  Now I claim nothing as mine but as a spouse of Christ ready to welcome new experiences with its joy and challenges, believing that God is faithful.

Sr Marselina Bria fdz

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