The Almighty has done great things for me

It was a surprise to me when informed by our formator that Seli and I were accepted to religious life. At that moment, I could not say anything but tears were streaming down my face. They were tears of joy for being accepted to have the profession, and because God really loves me and does great things for me.

He has sustained me with His mercy and care as I have journeyed in my formation. For the many times that I almost gave up because of the trials and difficulties, He had shown His great love for me.  I know there will be many challenges along the way but nothing will bring me down. Difficulties and trials are just a part of life.

08 December 2011 was the day that I had been waiting for, the day that I was to say my first religious profession, and to finally embrace the life of chastity, poverty and obedience. I thank the Lord of the Harvest for the gift of vocation and perseverance, and for His mercy and love.

As I live my religious life, I entrust myself to the Blessed Mother,  asking for her guidance and prayer so that I may be faithful in following Her Son.

Sr Yulita Kapi fdz

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