Protecting God’s property

We uphold different forms of charity: protection of the environment, calls for justice and care for women, youth and children and promotion of justice and we can say that we have still to implement it, especially the protection of environment. Certainly everybody is aware of global warming and its causes and consequences. However, we need to become more aware and seriously reclaim our sense of responsibility for nature and for creation. We continuously witness the dreadful consequences of the flippant attitude of humans in view of the global phenomenon that endangers our Mother Earth where the very gift of life is at stake. We cannot remain silent and indifferent towards the continuing disasters and calamities and the destruction of our planet’s biodiversity, etc, that threaten our environment and the God given nature. We have to do something and exert a little effort that might be of great help to lessen the environmental degradation.

During the last AMRSP Joint biennial Convention on Climate Change: Its impact and Challenges, we were updated on the real global situation that is demeaning the very essence of life. The denudation of our forests, the reckless mining, the increasing depletion of our marine life and freshwater resources, and the pollution of air and water.  All of these are to the detriment of the ecosystem and biodiversity of our planet.  Prayer is not enough to counteract the destruction of the Mother Earth. As individuals and as Community, we have to have an initiative to recourse to possible and achievable ways for sustainable development. We can offer our support to the different advocacies to save the Mother Earth through reforestation, zero waste management, water and energy conservation, environmental science in the curriculum and other initiatives that the Community believes can prevent climate tragedies. The Communities can start the zero waste management process – wastes choke our planet and we have an environmental liability by contributing to the increase of garbage. We need to intensify the methods that will promote “Reduce… Recycle… Reuse…” and each Community can talk about it and make these ‘three Rs’ a discipline and a principle in our waste management.

I wish there will be no delay in implementing whatever initiatives the Communities will decide. Let us do it in the light of faith and in the love we have for the Lord of Creation and Universe. It is our responsibility and our social concern to take some steps to protect God’s property for the wellbeing of all. As caretakers of God’s creation, we have to safeguard what he has entrusted to us.

Mother M Elna Casimsiman fdz

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