Begging the Master

Vocations come from God and it is through prayer that we obtain them. Our saint founder St Hannibal Mary Di Francia’s life was a testimony to this. He dedicated his entire being for the propagation of Prayer for vocations, thus, he became known as an outstanding Apostle of Prayer for Vocation.

Writing this short article, I remember in one of my sharings with the group of parents of priests, seminarians and religious from Minglanilla – Cebu, encouraging them that we have to pray always; knocking at the door of the owner of the harvest to send workers into His harvest so that His Church may never lack labourers according to His heart. Informing them that we have a great intercessor in heaven, St Hannibal – whose statue was placed in the Basilica of St Peter in Rome and blessed by Pope Benedict XVI on 07 July 2010 – would lead us to continue begging our master of the harvest to send us more holy, dedicated, committed and true priests, religious brothers and sisters to continue His mission.  As the group would continue to pray and as they would encourage others to do the same, God indeed would listen to our prayers; He will answer in His own time and in his own ways.

Doing vocation promotion is hard and yet a privilege for me. Truly, I do a lot of travelling and it is physically tiring but also very rewarding. I can say that I have learned to step on the dynamics of promotion with constant texting, calling, and most of all travelling the mainland of Visayas and Mindanao, trusting that our Lord will surely assist me in this kind of work.

Indeed all of our efforts have paid off.  Our Master of the harvest, sent us three young ladies – one from Cotabato and two from Butuan. They decided to “come and see”, leaving their family behind for a greater purpose. They have been with us for two weeks.  I do believe that each one of them has the seed of vocation that is to be nurtured in our way of life; ready to face challenges in the formation of the Daughters of Divine Zeal.

I take this chance to thank each one of you my dear Sisters for the support and prayers which enable us to do our vocation apostolate.  Let us together say: St Hannibal, through your merits and intercession, we ask you to continue to beg the owner of the harvest to send many and holy workers of the Gospel. Amen.

Sr M Evangeline Bastasa, fdz

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