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In our daily life, we come to realize and discover that our life actually is a journey, in search of something that is precious and meaningful. It is only through Jesus that we can find true happiness, because of His great love which He shows to each one of us. We are called and chosen by the Lord and it is our responsibility to respond to this call.

I am inspired by Psalm 139. I am reminded of how God called me from the beginning of my existence. At present my heart cries out with one thing: “Lord, thank you”, for the love You have for me, for my vocation, for the grace of perseverance during my prenovitiate formation. Looking back to what I experienced in my journey, I realize how much one has to grow to become a better person; to learn more the life of a religious and to embrace “ROGATE” – as our identity. This is the challenge for me to move on and hold on to “JESUS”.

God is good, yes all the time! December 8, 2006 was a memorable day for me. I was accepted to the Novitiate! I felt great joy to move on to another stage of my formation, which I am once again called to deepen more my spirituality and to be in a deeper communion with Jesus. How marvelous God is; He gave me this beautiful gift that I have to cherish. Being a novice, I can say that there are many challenges to face; there are many possibilities to learn through the offerings of the congregation. In this stage of my formation, there are occasions when God reveals Himself to me in many ways and in different forms and shapes, in different colors and circumstances, but I have to see these with the eyes of faith, because these events are being presented to me to make me realize how great His love for me is. Sometimes I try to escape but they are always there; however when I come to appreciate them, they become beautiful and enriching. They challenge me to grow, to be more open to them, and to accept that they are part of my life. I thank those who share their knowledge,
who are God’s instruments for me in my journey, especially my formator Sr Elna Casimsiman, who helped a lot in shaping and forming me; because of their constant support I can see my improvement and development as a person. And I thank the Lord for giving me the fortitude to move forward in every step – for His LOVE endures forever.

Floriana Oto Open


  1. May it be late,,but still want to CONGRATULATE the author of this. Congratulations for your perseverance and endurance for the Love of ROGATE…What a nice and inspiring composition,,You touched my being,,,Again congrats and GOD BLESS!!!

    • Dear Lolita, it is never too late to express the joy and thankfulness of your spirit, so moved by the words and experiences of another sister in Christ. Gratitude is a gift of God. How can we not turn our hearts towards the One who loves us so much and cry out: “Lord, thank you”?

      As the author of the article, Floriana says: “God is good, yes all the time!” May God’s love and blessings continue to be with you – all the time!

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