My life is not mine

The Lord of the Harvest has done great things for me, even though I feel inadequate in His presence. 08 December 2008 was a memorable day for me.  Together with my two companions, I had my First Religious Profession. I deeply felt His abiding presence through all the people who came along my journey, who helped and molded me to become who I am; in a special way I would like to thank Mother Isabella, our superior in the Delegation, and my beloved formator Sr. Elna, and also to our sisters who are part of my journey. I am grateful to God for His loving care and love, and the love of our religious family, for making all things possible until the day I said my first “yes” to the Lord of the Harvest.

When I pronounced my “yes” in front of Him who called me to follow Him, I became more aware of myself and realized that my life is not mine; but my life is for Him. I will never forget this beautiful experience; I shall always ponder and reflect on it, knowing that this day will help me to be strong in my journey. I can not express in words how I felt at that moment, but I know I was filled with great joy when I offered myself to the Lord with my whole heart. My tears at that moment were tears of joy, remembering the Lord and the goodness of the people who have helped me, and most especially my parents even though they were not there but, I believe that they are also happy for me.

The name of Mary which I received during my First Profession is a gift. She will be my guide and my model in my journey. I believe that there is nothing more important in my spiritual life than to say “YES” to God, like Mary who with all her heart and soul received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. I pray that I may be inspired by her fidelity in following her Son Jesus Christ.

Sr Maria Farida Bhodo, fdz

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