Copiously Blessed

What word could I best describe the event of that second graduation of the Union of Prayer for Vocations (UPV)  members (Marikina Chapter in the Philippines) but being “blessed copiously”?  To culminate the initiation of these second batch members, they had an overnight recollection filled with activities days (10-11 Sep 2011).  There was the solemn Taize style adoration in the evening and the Via Lucis (Way of Light) at dawn on the second day, an input, the giving of Medals and, of course, the Eucharistic celebration.  This group started with nine aspiring UPV Lay but only five among them persevered – two from Cinco Hermanos, 2 from Marikina and a PAS, Marikina-Teacher.

My untimely poor health condition, the unavailability of a Speaker who can enrich the group with the Charism of our Congregation added to the improbability of this expected culmination. But God in His sheer goodness provided what was needed.  Fr Alfonso, rcj, who was invited for the occasion, but was not sure to come, surprisingly made it.

Really God’s ways are mysterious!  And if He wills it, NOTHING can really hinder it.  Praised be Jesus always!

Sr Maria Luisa Luz, fdz


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