Back to basics

Click on the image above for a prayer before starting work in our busy world

In these present times, we are seemingly at the mercy of the sophisticated and modern creature comforts that surround our daily and nightly existence. Apparently, we have adapted ourselves to this way of existence as these gadgets, devices and widgets find their way into every detail and circumstance of our lives. We are bombarded by incessant and sometimes unnecessary pieces of information that overload us. Much as we want to deny it, these technological tools embrace all aspects of our human life: financial, social, spiritual, emotional, moral and mental.  Two very good examples are computers and cell phones because they are packed with features that cater and meet the needs of people. Through them we can easily access the internet which contains everything and anything we need to know, learn and have:  from music, business negotiations and connections to family members and friends to serious matters like religion and science. Yet despite these technological advances our lives have become increasingly complicated, stressed out and unbalanced. Needless to say, peace and order in our inner lives are threatened because of their power to influence our thoughts, decisions and actions that may result to life-changing experiences.

But despite all these serious concerns we know that deep down inside of us there is a way out of this situation. If we only look further down the road we know that all we need is to simplify our life in order to achieve and restore a sense of meaning, peace, purpose and balance – this state we can call a back-to-basics living. Simplifying our life then is peeling away all the layers that do not serve us and whatever is left in us will be the very core of our being that will serve to enhance our growth  and enlightenment in all aspects of our existence. In the final analysis, the quality of our life will ultimately depend on our choices: our decision to be enslaved by technological wonders or the option to choose the way towards self-knowledge, spiritual enrichment and enlightenment.  The solution lies in us.

Ella Soriano-Arenas

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