Young Missionaries Dialogue with the Lord

It was nice journeying with Young Missionaries coming together to dialogue with the WORD. The Youth Bible Camp was one of the beautiful experiences I had. The encounter made me realized the importance of the Bible in my life because HE, the Word himself who speaks to me through people with whom I encounter every event of my life.

Yes, struggles, problems and difficulties that come my way which sometimes put me down and affect my spiritual journey and lifestyle are but part of life’s realities. I know everyone experiences a downfall, but we just have to believe that there is SOMEONE greater than us, who will lift us up…He is Jesus, the spoken word in the Bible. The Word who truly inspires me to witness to others what I have learned and to share with them wholeheartedly with those in most need.

The experience certainly opened my heart and mind to be generous to the needs of others, and I thank my formator for letting me experience the camp with the young.

Novice Ma. Yulita Kapi

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