The sweat of our brow

“Ay salamat” (“Ahh, thank you”)! I’m sure it’s everybody’s sigh as the school year comes to its end and we are looking forward to embark upon summer and feel its heat, feeling excited once again to see and be with the family and of course to feel free from any hassles. The school year has been so tough yet we feel the real beauty of what it means to live and experience life in its many facets.  We feel tired, yet by our laughter, our sharing together and being together made things easy – making us survive despite everything.

For us here in Madre Nazarena Domus in the Philippines, our involvement in different activities and apostolates has challenged us much and we are proud to say that we are blessed by God in various ways and most of all for these past months where we catered and assisted many youths in their spiritual exercises as they opted for our convent to be the place for their Recollection and Retreats.  It is for us a “hit on the ground” since we would like to make our community a welcoming place for young ones who would like to know and experience God in their lives.  We are so pleased and happy for the positive remarks of those who have been in our convent.  They were so grateful for our patience and have apologised for the disturbances they have caused us.

In school, we see the growth of our pupils who have been with us for some years, particularly for our graduates who will soon leave our school and move further in their journey of knowledge.

We labour, we get tired, we sweat…! It is so worthy that after all, what matters most is we touch and we become part of the journey of others especially for those who haven’t known God and feel his presence in their lives.  That’s why it is so fitting that in our convent, the name of the hall is “Harvest Hall”.  It is in this area of the convent where little by little, those who have been here, somehow have encountered God in the words of the facilitator.  It is in this place that the sentiments of the “harvest” is poured out.  This place has been a witness to individuals who have experienced life’s sweetness and at the same time, its sorrows.  Laughter has echoed and at the same time tears have left a mark that will never be forgotten.

We look forward that the sweat of our brow may bear much fruit.  Fruit that will benefit not only one person, but many for the harvest to live.

Sr M Celeste L Zamayla, fdz

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