Capturing the Mother’s virtue

Madre Nazarena with Children

Nothing is supernatural in her, she is a unique soul designed by GOD that lives simply the ordinariness of her earthly life in the heart of faith and with a deep spiritual discipline and piety, her being reached to perfection.  Knowing her, I myself enthused by the heroic feats during her struggles in purifying herself just to attain the perfection of charity.  She received grace upon grace from the LORD whom she dearly loved and in the spirit of docility, obsequiously shared her life during her time, with a sweet sacrifice in loving JESUS – the Lord of the harvest. The memories of her saintly life live in the hearts of each Daughter of Divine Zeal, an upright example of an individual who consecrates one’s life for Jesus and for Rogate.

Our Philippine community, Madre Nazarena Domus, offers a gratifying opportunity of knowing deeper our Venerable Mother Nazarena Majone – the ultimate and faithful servant of GOD, through sharing on every 25th of the month her virtues in life.  As a young member of this Holy Institute, the life of our spiritual Mother strengthens, in an inimitable way, my spiritual journey of being a Religious and of being a Daughter of Divine Zeal.
Each Sister picked a piece of paper where the virtue of the Mother was written and fortunately I got the favorite virtue of everyone which is HUMILITY.  Father Founder wrote that HUMILITY is the foundation of all virtue and an indispensable means to obtain divine grace and eternal salvation. Sharing some experiences of her life on where she treasures in every detail and events this virtue I realized that indeed Mother Nazarena learned to live a life of her nothingness, very much dependent on Gods’ grace.  Blessed is she in winning the crown of salvation.

Father Annibale firmly taught us to love virtues because they are the most exact acts of discipline in order to attain spiritual union with God.  Mother Nazarena kept every teaching of the Father and she herself earned the Divine merit that flows from the Sacred Heart of Christ.  In her poem Noi due Gesu she wrote “Your cross I desire to carry on my shoulder, I will drink the anguish and shame, the chalice of your grief, O Jesus”.  How could my soul not be touched with the yearning of this virtuous woman? She who lived in the spirit of holy humility that made her long to carry the Cross of Jesus and suffer with him? How many humiliating events did our dearest Mother come across and which were beyond our knowledge? We heard of stories on how she was being sharpened with this holy virtue which is only a piece in the mystery of her person, who accepted her nothingness in the eyes of GOD.

Mother Nazarena made me all the more appreciate the exquisiteness of a life consecrated to GOD founded on virtues and thirst for holy humility. Reading about her life, she taught me to love my own littleness, my own nothingness. Brushing up on her virtue I found out that she was a woman who endured the pain of undeserved suffering because she was conscious of the Father’s will. She made herself so little like Christ, who set the perfect example of humility. I have three women in my life whom I truly admire and whose lives are exemplary in the eyes of people and of God: the Blessed Mother, who with much humility cooperated with the Father’s plan of salvation; my biological mother, who in her own way, in her fragility and weakness responsively lived her motherhood, and Mother Nazarena, who shaped her life in Rogate and in humility.  I am fortunate to have these women in my life, especially our spiritual Mother.
With whom shall I mirror my life in living perfectly the virtues but to Mother Nazarena? I am very much grateful for this initiative of the community.  It a divine reinforcement on the path of sanctity. Reading between the lines, it is for me a mixed blessing knowing the Mother and loving the virtue. I am only a passing image in this world and desire nothing but to be in union with GOD and the virtues are just at my doorstep. So help me GOD!

Sr M Glenda fdz

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