The religious and I

As one of the youth of today, I am very grateful to God that despite the chaos of the world, I can say that the presence of the religious in our midst is so relevant. Why? Through them I am always reminded of the presence of God. I am reminded of my duty to do good in spite of my weaknesses and limitations.

I am also very blessed and thankful to God for having an aunt who is a sister of the Daughters of Divine Zeal namely Sr M Imelda B Tacad. Having her in our family is indeed a blessing and a gift to us. She inspires our family to value prayer, especially on praying the Holy Rosary as a family every night (with or without her presence), which keeps us united and have respect for one another. She also taught us their prayer: “Send O Lord, Holy Apostles into your Church” recited after each grace before meal. I also appreciate her ways of being so youthful. She cracks jokes and introduces many games as part of our bonding. One thing that I like in her most is she is so caring and loving to our “lola” (‘grandmother’ in Filipino) and of course to all of us. Above all, I appreciate her ways of being so supportive and her concern towards me – even if she is far away she knows me and my feelings very well and that makes me stronger as I journey in this so-called LIFE.  She always inspires and challenges me more to pray and to think furthermore of my vocation to follow our Lord like her.

Aside from my aunt sister, I have already met priests and numerous religious sisters, from different congregations. Knowing and dealing with them is a great opportunity and worthwhile experience that I treasure, just like my experience during the Summer Youth Bible Camp at Dana- Ili, Abulug, Cagayan in April 2011 where I met again some sisters of the Daughters of Divine Zeal. Through this experience, my desire to follow Christ was reawakened.

Now, I am very glad to say that religious people I have encountered play a very vital role in my life. Those small things they do for me touch my heart, those simple and short but very meaningful words they utter strike and inspire me most, and above all, their presence means a lot to me because it reminds me of my desire to be one of them someday.

This simple sharing arises from my heart and I hope that many of my peers, especially those who attended the Summer Youth Bible Camp, may also be inspired by many religious.

Sheena Ivet T Castro

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