Be still and listen

Vocation to the priestly and religious life is a gift from God, freely given to those who respond to His invitation to follow Him.  Nowadays, it is very difficult to silence oneself and listen to the call of God.  Our world today is very noisy and more interested in consumerism especially with the advances in technology.  A crisis of vocations is the inevitable result; the young naturally gravitate to the attractions of the world.

As Daughters of Divine Zeal, it is our charism to pray for vocations and to care for the labourers in the Church and to attract more young people to spend some time to listen to an inner call.

Will you take time to listen?

Sr M Blanca Nieves fdz

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  1. It is so difficult to quiet ourselves in this very busy, noisy world. It is paramount, however, if we want to hear God’s voice in our hearts. I do and will continue to pray for an increase in vocations. I am blessed to teach 7th grade religion at a local Catholic School. I hope that I am helping to “plant seeds” there too! God Bless!

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