Emmaus Journey

Walking with God is walking with love

Walking on the road of life,
I wonder what life would be
Without your light I won’t recognise
You came along and walked with me
And listened to the story I yearned
To share with one who cares

I was slow to believe
Until you came in my way
You opened my mind to understand
The mystery of your truth
You helped me believe the message you revealed
On my journey with you

You told me not to cling
To things I grasp and hold onto
There’s more in life with deeper meaning
Waiting to be sought and embraced
For it is in losing that I found
The gift of new life in you

You came and stayed with me
To nourish me with your Word
And when you broke the bread
My restless heart was inflamed
And felt your love and lasting peace
As I journeyed with you

Now I go carry your love
To any place you want me to
Your presence gives me strength
As I travel the road of life
To be your witness and to tell my story
On my journey with you

Sr Yolanda Nava fdz

Image source: www.turnbacktogod.com

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