Vocation is sacrifice

Jesus' sacrifice comes from his unconditional love for us

The Gospel has yet another surprise in store for us.  The risen Lord is not afraid to disturb the joyful and friendly atmosphere of his Easter encounter: he foretells to Peter a future of sacrifice and martyrdom: “Somebody else will put a belt around you and take you where you would rather not go” (Jn 21:18).  After this he renews his call to Peter: “Follow me” (Jn 21:19).

We too have no hesitation in saying to you: a vocation also means sacrifice – sacrifice from the moment you begin your serious seeking, for even this demands that you give up certain things.

Sacrifice at the moment you make your decision conscious of the consequences of your vocation.  Sacrifice during the long journey of the necessary preparation.  And sacrifice for the rest of your lives, since the whole of your existence will be simply the consistent putting into practice of a God-given vocation that you accept and live freely and intimately.

Paulus PP VI
14th World Day of Prayer for Vocations

Do you have a fear of making this sacrifice?

Image source: www.turnbacktogod.com

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