Being Prayer

The depth that lies within a person whose being becomes a prayer is indeed a great mystery for me, too complex for my understanding.  But to a person whose life is filled with the gift of spiritual perfection and who constantly lives in holy virtues, God works in him or her, knowing that this soul listens to His voice.  This is how I see our Founder, Saint Annibale,  and venerable Mother Nazarena, who are spiritual personalities of Rogate set before me to follow and imitate.  They did not merely pray the Divine Command of Jesus nor become Pray-ers who lifted up to God the needs of their brethren, voicing the people’s petitions and delivering supplications.  They themselves became a living figure of being prayer during their time, and always in union with the Trinity.

This realisation comes to me in my days of solitude, stirring my soul to pray more and learn to listen to the voice of the Spirit whispering to my inner core, into the depth of my being.  It reminds me also of Mary, who exemplified the sublime belief in prayer, and who with zeal and fervour, listened and obeyed the will of the Father by all means and at all costs.  And I am called to the same pattern of life and challenged to be a visible message of Rogate in this digitised culture and age.  My heart fills with thanksgiving to God for the days of our retreat, I appreciate the circular letters our community receives that help the spiritual growth of each Daughter of Divine Zeal, most especially for its young members like me.

Within the days alloted to me for reflection, I had come to simply identify myself not only as a worker who prays but also as a harvest who is first and foremost in great need of Holy Labourers, a harvest that prays for the mercy of God to send righteous workers in His vineyard.  Being a worker and harvest rolled into one, the only mission is to pray and become truly a prayer myself.  How then, can I strengthen this two-fold role – not separating myself from the presence of Jesus, seeking out His mercy that knows no bounds to vest in a worker that always needs the presence of the Divine Master?  I need to be anchored into the person of Jesus who unites Himself with the Father so that I, who needs most of His great mercy may become a prayer.

This beautiful inspiration from God adds to the foundation of my spiritual journey in the spirit of Rogate.  I may understand little of God’s great revelation but it is good enough to live with zeal, offering all for the salvation of souls and for His glory.  If I am without Jesus there is no mission, there is no labourer, there is no prayer and therefore there is no Rogate.

My mission now begins.  May the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit bring me into communion with Mary, our Lady of Divine Zeal.

Sr M Glenda D Galanido fdz

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