Gift of abundance – I create a balance

The sixth heartset in our series of seven, Gift of abundance – I evolve into a higher being offered a way to better reflect our being made in God’s image and likeness.  Today we conclude this reflection on the seven heartsets we need to have within us on our life’s journey.  The seventh heartset:

I flow and connect to the ten areas of my life:

  • self
  • family/community
  • friends
  • rest
  • recreation
  • health
  • faith
  • mission
  • wealth
  • work

These areas need our time, attention and affection, yet in our fast-paced world, we pursue only two: wealth and work.  Let us attract abundance into our lives by flowing and connecting to all the areas.  Let us create a balance and attract ABUNDANCE!

How can you say “Abundance!” in your life today?

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