Gift of abundance – I appreciate my journey and everyone else’s journey

Article by Sr M Jeanette C Barsanas fdz, Philippines

Last week in the fourth heartset in our series of seven, Gift of abundance – I choose to be positive we paused for a while to reflect on how we could offer a more appreciative and openhearted approach in our lives.  We now continue our journey to Heartset 5:

We are all undergoing a journey in our present reality – it may be joyful or sad, difficult, light or easy, crooked or straight, rough or smooth.  Our journey tends to have a remarkable effect on our behaviour in the NOW.  Instead of clinging to the past or worrying over the future, appreciate and live in the present.  Whatever happens or will happen depends entirely on our Lord.

Try this starting now: take the journey into your inner self; it will help you in your journey with others.

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