Gift of abundance – I choose to be positive

Article by Sr M Jeanette C Barsanas fdz, Philippines

Last week we considered how we could attract blessings/reward, this being the third heartset in our series of seven, Gift of abundance – I attract reward.  We now continue our journey to Heartset 4:

We hear people say “Everything happens not by accident”.  Our day could be full of negativity in our work, relationships, studies, family – and yet, if we could only choose to be positive and say ABUNDANCE – then we would be able to appreciate and learn from every moment in our lives.  True, it is hard but it is possible.  We drive away abundance if we tend to be negative always.  Change gear. Be positive!

What positive attitude or actions could you offer today?


  1. Yes, truly you are,,,,You have a very touching and beautiful article…I want to be still connected to this institute….hope you wont mind to email me…

    • Dear Lolita

      Thank you so much for your message and apologies for the delay in responding to you. We have passed on your email to our Mother Superior.

      God love and bless you always

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