Gift of abundance – I flow

Article by Sr M Jeanette C Barsanas fdz, Philippines

Let us raise our hands and shout ABUNDANCE!  Whether we are joyful, bored, tired, angry, let us proclaim Abundance!  The more you utter the word ‘Abundance’, the more it touches you; while the more you curse and complain, the more the evil chases after you.  Yes, because nothing happens by accident; everything brings about something meaningful and worth learning for in our lives.

“Gift of abundance” was the second inspirational topic given by Mr Pido Aguilar at the Claretion book launching held at SM Megamall on 11 July 2008 in the Philippines.  Some of the FDZ Sisters and PAS-Marikina teachers were privileged to be present in that short conference with the theme: “Stewardship and the Life of the Church” by Fr Daniel J Mahan.   It is not possible for me to quote verbatim what I heard at that time, nevertheless I dare impart these words of Mr Pido Aguilar.

There are seven proposed heartsets, not mindsets, that can bring new life of non-stop blessings, graces and untold opportunities.  Heart, because our heart is our compass to our purpose.  It is doing the kind of things that can give us joy and fulfillment. Over the next few weeks we will reflect upon each of these heartsets – we welcome your reflections through this blog.  Today we start with the first one:

Heartset 1: I flow.  There is a certain flow or synchronicity in the universe, nature, events that we must keep up with, for everything is being set and arranged.  What we say, think or do connects and matters around us.  The more we flow, the more abundance of blessings flows back to us.  Meanwhile, the more we resist and block and fight, the more we drive abundance away from us.

How does this heartset – I flow – appear in your life?

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