The journey in God’s vineyard in the service of God’s people is considered by many as a great blessing.  Yes, it is indeed a blessing! 

I was one of those sent to Australia for a mission and this gave me the opportunity to experience working with the Australians and other people of diverse cultures:   migrants and young university students from different countries all over the world.  My heart is filled with deep joy and gratitude to God and to my Religious family for the opportunity given to me for these last seven years in the mission.

It was a moving experience to see many of the students staying in our hostel, away from home, to have found a home, friends, sisters and mothers in us; to see many of the young and adults who came for the preparation of the sacraments of initiation: baptism, confirmation and first communion.  It is absolutely a blessing when many, not only infants but young and adults too, who are drawn to become members of the community of believers, the Catholic faith.

To be back in the Philippines is likewise a blessing.  I am given the chance to serve again my fellow Filipino brothers and sisters in many ways possible.  I feel fortunate to work in the parish, assisting the catechists and do school work  at St. Nicholas Academy.   Indeed, it is an equally challenging mission that needs much dedication and love.  This is my journey full of joy and gratitude to God.  It is a journey of faith that leads to God, the ultimate love.

Sr M Florentina Lubong, fdz

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