Mary, Mother of the Church

08 December is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin.
In 1987 Pope John Paul II prayed:

We turn to you, Mother of the Church. Through your fiat you have opened the door which makes Christ present in the world, in history, and in individual lives. In humble silence and in total availability you welcomed the call of the Most High.

May there be many men and women who come to know, in our days, the invitation of your Son to “Follow me!” May they find the courage to leave family, work, earthly hopes, and follow Christ along the road that he trod.

Stretch out your motherly hand over missionaries everywhere in the world, over the men and women religious who assist the aged, the sick, the disabled, the orphaned; over those engaged in teaching; over the members of the Secular Institutes, hidden workers for good; over those whose lives of faith and love within cloisters, pleading for the salvation of the world.


Will Mary’s fiat be yours too?

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