My first profession

31 May 2009, the Solemnity of Pentecost: the day when the Holy Spirit came down upon the apostles. Likewise, today the church sings out the ancient prayer, “Come Holy Spirit…”

I am baptised in one body and with the same Spirit, and surely the abundance of His grace will never stop but continuously invites me to immerse myself in evangelisation, to be formed and transformed. What an occasion to remember! A day to celebrate God’s goodness when in His mercy and love, He has called me to be His bride in this religious family – the Daughters of Divine Zeal.

I therefore reaffirmed my faith as I pronounced my total “YES” to my spouse Jesus Christ, who chose me for a mystical wedding despite my unworthiness. It marked a new beginning of another stage of my life – my First Religious Profession.

For several years, I had been anticipating this occasionn when I would make myself a complete gift to Christ of the ROGATE to be His servant and make Him the centre of my life. Indeed, NOW is the right time to do so. With God’s full release of the Holy Spirit through the grace of today’s feast, I am resolved.

And like anybody else who had professed for the first time, it was with unbelievable relief and nervousness that I face the day of my profession. While walking down the aisle in my new habit and with the flowing veil, I was overwhelmed and, with a gratitude in my heart that I could not express, I believe that I am special in the eyes of God.

Moreover, the gratuitous joy of those who attended the ceremony gave me such pleasure that brought joy and a smile on my face, inspite of my faltering steps during the procession. It was a really great day for me. Like the psalmist, I cried out like a deer longing for running streams as I long for my God.

Thus, I thank God for all the efforts and sacrifices of all the sisters, formandees and other people who supported me in the preparation for that momentous day of my life. I wish and pray that the congregation may continue to support me so that I may be able to live my consecration with commitment and dedication as I face new challenges along the way.

Sr M Jocelyn Kias, fdz

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