United hearts in prayer for vocations

The Union of Prayer for Vocations (UPV) (formerly Association of Prayer for Vocations) was founded by Saint Annibale Maria Di Francia and was approved on 08 December 1900 by the Archbishop of Messina, Italy, Monsignor Letterio D’Arrigo. In the Philippines, the UPV was approved by H E Jaime Cardinal Sin on 06 November 1985.


The goal of the UPV is to pray for numerous and holy vocations and to propagate this prayer everywhere according to the command of Jesus: “Pray therefore to the Lord of the harvest to send workers into his harvest.” (Mt 9:38; Lk 10:2) Hence, the members of the UPV commit themselves to:

  • Pray daily for obtaining “good workers” to the Church, especially priests and religious, and for their perseverance
  • Offer daily works, activities, joys, sufferings, sacrifices for the same purpose
  • Spread this prayer for vocations commanded by Jesus in their respective places of work and communities
  • Become aware of their personal Christian vocation by prayer and involvement in parish activities related to the apostolate for vocations


All (religious or lay people) are welcome.  For further information and/or to become an UPV member, please contact:

Union of Prayer for Vocations
Daughters of Divine Zeal
Madre Nazarena Student’s House
311 Church Street

Telephone:  (0061 3) 9429 9620
Fax:                (0061 3) 9429 6611
Email:            shmelb@fdz.com.au
Web:              www.fdz.com.au/order


Union of Prayer for Vocations
Saint Hannibal Rogate Center
24 Calcutta Street
Merville Park
1709 Parañaque City

Web:                www.upvonline.org

Fax:                (0061 3) 9429 6611

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