The words of a father for vocations – part 2

You are called the Daughters of Divine Zeal and you bear on your breast the emblem of the Divine Heart with those Gospel words: “Rogate ergo Dominum mesiss, ut mittat operarios in messem suam.”

Both your name and your sacred evangelical motto oblige you to work with all your strength for the interests of the adorable Heart of Jesus, and for all that concerns his glory and the good of souls – even to the sacrifice of your life.

You are called to the roles of Martha and Mary, since you have made a profession of that divine zeal which made our Lord Jesus Christ exclaim, “Zelus domus tuae comedit me” (Ps 68:10) – Zeal for your house has devoured me.

That said, your concern is not just with your salvation alone.  The world is full of souls that are being lost: snatch as many as you can from eternal ruin, as many as possible.  Gather up the orphans who are abandoned, instruct them, educate them and nurture them.

The soul of every one of these that you save will be a shoot of eternal salvation for many other souls, and all of them will enlarge the crown of your glory in heaven.

Have a passionate desire for all souls that you are unable to save with your work, an ongoing hunger and thirst for their salvation.

Do not be indifferent to the loss of a single soul, because a single soul costs all the blood of Jesus Christ, and that soul is as precious to him as all souls put together.

St Annibale Maria Di Francia

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