The words of a father for vocations – part 1

The word of God that comes to you from the adorable mouth of Jesus Christ and from his Divine Heart contains the secret of the salvation of people’s souls and the wellbeing of nations: Pray the Lord of the harvest to send workers into his harvest.

That word of God, recorded by two evangelists, was there in the book of the Holy Gospel.  Thousands of religious orders and congregations have piously pillaged that divine book.  They took as a norm for their institute a verse here, a verse there… But it was as if the Lord Jesus had placed his divine hand over that book to hide those sublime words of that divine command.  No one noticed it.  Then the adorable redeemer unveiled it and pointed it out to the most wretched of his creatures, he had your ears hear it, he engraved it on your hearts, he made it burst forth on your lips, and he placed it on your breast together with his pierced and blazing heart.

Take advantage of such ineffable predilection!  Make use of this means unceasingly.  Raise your hands to heaven in supplication and entreat the clouds to rain down on the just, and the earth to bring forth saviours.  Therefore hold aloft this sacred standard.  The more this prayer command by our Lord Jesus Christ kept for our times and entrusted to you is raised to the great Lord of the mystical harvest, so many more good Gospel workers will there be in this world and the mystical harvest of souls will be saved.

This is thus a sublime, divine mission that the bountiful Distributor of gifts has given to you.  If you are faithful to your mission, it will attract the blessings of God and of humans.

To be continued next week…

St Annibale Maria Di Francia

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