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Sisters making their profession

“Having been called and chosen by God” for a holy purpose, is it not great to respond to such call? It entails the unique way of God’s love given to each individual called to a particular mission to reach sanctity in life; called to live in order to witness Christ and proclaim this Good News not merely by life for God’s service only. I am one of those blessed by the Almighty to receive this precious  gift of a life called to be a Religious Sister. Most of the time when I think about this, my whole being shakes. I wonder who am I, a sinner, called to work for His greater Glory in the vast harvest under His divine command ROGATE? It’s a mystery of His infinite love. This mystery started to unfold on 08 December, 2008, the Solemnity of the  Immaculate Conception when I had my First Religious Profession of Vows.

All the heavenly blessings have been poured upon me and two Indonesian Sisters when we professed publicly our deepest longing to give our whole self to God. During the consecration I intensely felt the Spirit of God upon me; I felt His peace  and serenity. I couldn’t imagine that I reached the point of consecrating myself to Him; His great mercy and His unconditional love made me strong and constant. It is His dream and He wants it to become mine. Isn’t it beautiful? With Mary he wants me to understand the beauty of a life offered for Him alone in the Spirit of this Religious family – ROGATE. My soul sings for joy and my heart leaps in thanksgiving for God’s wondrous deeds in my life.

I am a sinner, a spotted creature of God, but that consecration took me to a deeper understanding that I am bound to reach holiness as Jesus said “Be holy as your Father in heaven is holy”. I came to understand that this life leads to a path of holiness as God wants us all to be. It strengthens my faith and challenges me to live life first as a Christian. Yes, on that day I was filled with mixed emotions; and I can say only “Who am I to question God’s Love for me”. That day I thought only of God and truly felt the heavenly aura which I never encountered before. It was truly beautiful!

My religious journey would not have happened without those persons whom God chose to journey with me and who patiently helped me to see clearer His plans. My heart is filled with gratitude to the Holy Triune God for my adventure of  His love. Out of the thousands who are more deserving than me, I am one of those that God has chosen; my prayer then that I may remain steadfast in His fidelity.  Inspired always by St. Paul in his letter to the Galatians, “… God in His grace chose me even before I was born and called me to serve Him” I feel important and loved by God that out of sinfulness here I am called. And I am willing to serve, willing to be sent wherever He calls me. The day of my religious profession marks the covenant between me and my God that requires faithfulness. My religious profession is worth renewing and professing everyday, in the course of my journey. So help me God!

Blessed be the living God forever!

Sr Glenda D Galanido, fdz

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