The deeper meaning of blog

My heart was overwhelmed with joy when I got the chance to join the Overnight Vocation Jamboree. The event gave me a lot of chances to meet young people from different parishes. I felt God’s presence as I danced the doxology together with our Sisters and other young people from Vintar. In my heart I heard a voice saying to give my best for the glory of God.

With all the many things I enjoyed during the program, I also felt privileged to have heard the speaker sharing about his reflections on the theme “BLOG”, which he simply presented through putting an Acrostic to it that explains the following: Blessed; Loved; Offered; Gifted. His simple thoughts helped me get in touch with my own self and made me realize that I am lucky than a few young people, that I am precious in the eyes of God, that I am blessed for He gave me a happy family, that I am loved for He gave me the Sisters who guide me though my journey and that I am giving myself as a gift to the church and to the abandoned harvest every time I say yes to my God.

As I continue discerning my vocation, I ask continuous guidance from the Lord, that he may constantly walk with me.

Aspirant Ronabel

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