How it feels to be a Sister

A thousand steps start from a single step.  Formation is such.  To a journeyer like me, formation becomes significant when one becomes aware day by day of the seriousness of going through formation.  My strong desire to fall in love with Jesus and become the person He desires of me helped me through my formation.

My dream to be a religious among the Daughters of Divine Zeal was fulfilled on 08 December 2006.  That was a very memorable day for me.  That was the day I said my first religious profession.  I cannot describe how I felt when I put on the garb and veil for the very first time.  I only know I was very happy.  And proud, and afraid, especially thinking that I was one of the first three Indonesians to become a religious in the Daughters of  Divine Zeal.  I prayed especially fervently on that day to give myself to the Lord – to be a committed and responsible religious.  The spirit of Rogate serves as my inspiration and guide as I continued my journey.

I am thankful and grateful to all those who helped me prepare for this beautiful day in my life.

Sr M Letisia Lelo, fdz

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