Chosen Among…

One sunny morning in 1979, as I was passing by a bookstore, I felt an inexplicable desire to enter and browse through the magazines. One article attracted me: “Do you want to be a fool for Christ?” showing three photos of Sisters at prayer. I thought, yes, I want to be a fool; after all, my friends and relatives consider it foolish of me to even contemplate on entering the convent.

As the days went on, I felt a certain restlessness I could not understand. An Augustinian Recollect Father advised me to pray hard. On one occasion as I was in front of the Blessed Sacrament in the Pink Sisters’  Convent, I felt a cool breeze, then a warm air around me. It was certainly an eerie feeling;  something I had not experienced before.  I kept asking the Lord “what do You want from me?” I knew I had to face the predicament of asking permission and blessings from my parents to enter the convent. My father was amenable when I told him about my plan, who has always been supportive of me. He gave me his blessings saying, “Ni Apo Dios ti cumuyog kenka nak kong” (Go, and God be with you), “Your joy will always be my joy.” My mother was stubborn in her refusal to let me go; she even threatened me with: “If you go, forget that I have a daughter.” I was undaunted. I prepared all my documents in secret, and finally, in the early morning of October 16, 1979, accompanied by my cousin, I took the bus to Manila, a city I did not know at all. I was petrified with the thought that my mother would come after me and take me back home. However, my decision was unshakable. I had to face the consequences of that “Yes” I made in front of Him. I didn’t have any idea what religious life was, although I studied with the Assumption Sisters. In retrospect, I think my vocation was actually nourished by them. I was very fond of my religion teacher, Sr. Lucia Bernadette, who was so sweet, so kind, loving, intelligent and very beautiful; she was like an angel.

Another inspiration for my vocation was a holy man who was considered a priest in our barangay (smallest administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village, district or ward).  These persons awakened in me the desire to answer God’s call. Who am I? Am I not the anawim of my place? There were more young people more qualified in terms of beauty, intelligence, experience, profession and status in life… but, why me? Why was I chosen? Is the Lord a fool? He must be a fool to love me so much among his chosen ones. I am a fool definitely to love and to follow Him. Yes, great is the Lord! I thank Him for the wonder of my being. I pray that I remain faithful to my vow to serve the Lord all the days of my life.

Sr. M. Corazon Angayon, fdz

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