A New Blessing

That was the day the Lord has made beautiful… our acceptance to the Novitiate.  I longed for that day to come but I couldn’t believe it when it finally happened. “Come and See” was the invitation addressed to me a few years ago.  I did come and I am a novice!  Things are different; I am no longer a postulant who kept on discerning or an aspirant who was curious about life inside the convent.  I am now a novice who will continue to discern what God plans for me.

All I ask from God, who called me to follow the footstep of his Son and who gave me this gift of vocation, is grace which will help me to empty myself in order for me to serve Him.  Being part of this religious institute requires that I live up not just to the Rogate charism but also to the call to be a witness of God’s love and mercy to all mankind.  My new life is not only a challenge but a journey in which I have to abandon myself to God and be molded according to His plan.


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