Come follow me

Jesus the Good ShepherdLord Jesus Christ, Shepherd of our souls,
continue to glance in love
at so many boys and girls,
young men and women,
who live in the midst
of the difficulties of the modern world;
open their minds
so that among the many voices
around and within them they will hear
your unmistakable, gentle and persuasive voice saying,
“Come, follow me”.

Help our young people to be
generous and sensitive to the needs of others
who are crying out for solidarity and peace, truth and love.
Turn the hearts of the young to the radical call of the Gospel
so that they will reveal to the modern world
the immense wealth of your love.

Call them in kindness and draw them to you.
Accept them gently and make them welcome.
Entrust them with truth and keep them safe with you.


Ioannes Paulus PP. II
02 Feb 1989